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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Quzara Cybertorch™  empowers organizations with
24/7/365 MDR solutions that drive security and compliance.

  JAB Prioritized FedRAMP HIGH Managed SOCaaS and MDR
  FedRAMP Enabled, Modern SOC Operations for Advanced Threats

Managed Detection & Response MDR

Quzara Cybertorch™  empowers organizations with
24/7/365 MXDR solutions that drive security and compliance.

  JAB Prioritized FedRAMP HIGH Managed SOCaaS and MXDR
  FedRAMP Enabled, Modern SOC Operations for Advanced Threats

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What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers protection 24/7/365, enabling organizations to increase resiliency against cyber threats, using technology-enabled, human-powered services.

Quzara provides ongoing detection, hunting, and protection against malicious attacks and adversaries, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

Compliance Certifications

How Quzara Can Help?

Cybertorch™ is Quzara's MDR service for commercial and government customers.

Cybertorch™ is SOC 2 Type 2 approved, leveraging FedRAMP High ready status and DOD IL5.

It empowers organizations by:

  • Monitoring Threats
  • Orchestrating Security
  • Performing Incident Response
  • Managing Vulnerabilities Across Environments

Cybertorch™ is supported 24/7/365 by US-based security analysts, enabling remediation efforts across all infrastructure types (including on-prem, OT/IoT, and hybrid cloud).

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  • Vulnerability Management Services
  • Threat Hunting
  • MDR for Microsoft Defender
  • MDR for Microsoft 365 & Azure
  • MDR for Microsoft 365
  • MDR for Microsoft Sentinel
  • MDR for Microsoft Cloud Apps
  • MDR for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • MDR for IoT/OT

Vulnerability Management Services

We offer specialized security operations support to assist Federal, Commercial, Government, and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sectors in meeting vulnerability management requirements in NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) frameworks including continuous monitoring, and continuous defense programs. We assist customers with wide ranging scans (discovery, authenticated scans, compliance scans, container scans) and perform all triaging, remediating, and reporting of threats based on agency requirements.

Threat Hunting

By discovering vulnerable infrastructure and assessing system flaws and human factors, we identify and quantify risk, with concurrent remediation planning. Our services include linked data for hunting and visual navigation of the context of assets, actors, and events.

MDR for Microsoft Defender

For full visibility across your entire environment, including data from other security solutions such as firewalls and existing tools, our MDR utilizes Microsoft security stack from Microsoft Defender to Azure Sentinel built on a cloud native SIEM+SOAR platform.

MDR for Microsoft 365 & Azure

We leverage native Azure cloud stack, with Azure Sentinel, AIP, ATP, and security center to identify real-time risks to M365 and Azure workloads.

MDR for Microsoft 365

Full visibility into Office 365 app usage and data including dedicated dashboards and triaged alerts to prevent attacks including business email compromise (BEC). 

MDR for Microsoft Sentinel

Leveraging existing Sentinel subscriptions, the Cybertorch™ team provides clients with enhanced security and compliance capabilities, including roadmaps and pre-built documentation to support and automate procedures. 

MDR for Microsoft Cloud Apps

Cybertorch™ protects Microsoft cloud apps and SaaS apps through advanced threat protection and cloud security posture management support (CSPM). We provide valuable insights and aid in compliance requirements including routing, tool setup, and configuration. 

MDR for Microsoft Defender for End Point

Knowing that the endpoint is often the most critical part of an organization's attack surface, Cybertorch’s MDR services are optimized for hunting queries, threat alert integration, and custom rules. 

MDR for IoT/OT

Our 24/7/365 US-only trained staff of security and threat analysts provide MDR solutions optimized for clients IoT and OT devices including detection, reporting, vulnerability scanning and remediation across attack surfaces. 
Key Differentiators

Quzara Cybertorch™:
SOCaaS and MXDR Needs

In the dynamic and challenging realm of digital security, safeguarding sensitive government and defense data demands an advanced, comprehensive approach, Quzara Cybertorch™, a FedRAMP High audited XDR solution, stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled data protection, sophisticated threat detection, and efficient incident response capabilities.

Click below to uncover the competitive advantages of Cybertorch, revealing why it's the premier choice for top-tier SOCaaS and MXDR services.

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