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Advanced Security Analytics

By using advanced security analytics, Quzara empowers customers to detect, track, and eliminate gaps, threats, and attacks. In addition to risk visibility and operational solutions, we provide threat detection and vulnerability management services based on machine learning.



Quzara keeps businesses moving forward

Secured Success Starts Here

Success starts within the parameters of every company framework. Quzara ensures the safety of businesses by offering incident response, technical assessment, training, and advisory services that help defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance cybersecurity practice, controls, and protocols.

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Analyzing security threats and vulnerabilities is essential for vulnerability monitoring, awareness, and remediation. In addition to providing awareness and understanding of security mechanisms, security analytics allow baseline comparisons and measurements of current security tactics against known threats. 

Our Role

Quzara’s security analyst team works within our customers' security framework, using the security software and tools they already have in place. Our security analytics teams are vendor-agnostic and capable of building robust capabilities across numerous platforms, enabling organizations to focus on what they do best while growing their security operations.  


Trusted Partners

  • Threat Hunting using Machine Learning
  • Vulnerability Management Advanced reporting
  • Compliance & Security Analytics

Threat Hunting using Machine Learning

The volume of security events continues to grow, and the scope and sophistication of attacks is increasing. We leverage an extended Fusion ML detection capability that helps organizations find  emerging and unknown threats in their environment. We accomplish this by applying extended ML analysis and correlating a broader scope of anomalous signals. Viewing an enterprise's activity across users and entities (hybrid and multi-cloud) in one place, including anomalous and suspicious behavior revealed through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, enables us to optimize the SOC experience and offer enhanced threat detection. 

Vulnerability Management Advanced Reporting

Quzara analysts aggregate a wide range of data from scanners, including cloud security and network infrastructure, various on-premises assets, non-scannable OT assets and more. By viewing vulnerabilities through multiple lenses and applying threat intelligence to the datasets such as asset architecture value (AAV), malicious IP data, CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) severity, asset importance, exploitability, and exposure — we provide actional remediation information to target action where it matters most, proactively reducing risks of attack.  

Compliance & Security Analytics

Quzara's advanced security analytics services provide the foundational data required by several regulatory and compliance frameworks including FISMA, FedRAMP, FedRAMP+, SOC2, StateRAMP, TexasRAMP, HIPAA, DFARS 7012 and many others.

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What Makes Quzara Different

Vulnerability Remediation using Machine Learning Models A context-driven priority list of vulnerabilities is established using AI methodologies and is key to handling the large volume of patches at various levels of the stack: applications, networks, software. As the complexity of networks increases along with the sophistication of threat actors, machine learning and AI technology can help alleviate the burden on vulnerability management operations teams by enabling a combination of intelligent decision-making and automation. 
Forensic Capabilities With our MXDR solution, Cybertorch™, Quzara provides actionable security analytics, enhancing investigations including discovering asset compromises and detecting data loss. As a result of Quzara's advanced security analysts, timelines can be built for reporting, validating, and protecting against future security threats. 
Advanced SIEM Analytics SIEM solutions (System Information Event Management) are enhanced when they can gather and report actionable information. The Quzara team discovers the best path forward for protecting and securing environments across infrastructures by building awareness and bringing attention to potential threats, vulnerabilities, and actual attacks. 
Custom Reporting & Dashboards Using Quzara's library of pre-tested and predefined protocols and control capabilities, threat visibility and prevention actions are enhanced.