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Continuous Monitoring

24/7/365  security monitoring, vulnerability management and compliance management services for federal, commercial, state & local.

Quzara keeps businesses moving forward

Secured Success Starts Here

Success starts within the parameters of every company framework. Quzara ensures the safety of businesses by offering incident response, technical assessment, training, and advisory services that help defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance cybersecurity practice, controls, and protocols.

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NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) defines Continuous Monitoring (CM) as the ability to maintain ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities, and threats to facilitate risk-based decision making. Continuous monitoring is a requirement of many compliance frameworks, including FedRAMP, StateRAMP, and CMMC.

Our Role

Quzara's Security Operations Center (SOC), Cybertorch™, empowers organizations by managing their continuous monitoring processes, including risk management, compliance, and security. Customers can inherit security controls and requirements associated with incident response, logging, and continuous monitoring. With Quzara Cybertorch™, companies can accelerate their compliance within the security frameworks they attest to, including custom dashboards, real-time situational awareness, and reporting. 


Trusted Partners

Continuous Monitoring Services

Quzara offers a full suite of cybersecurity readiness, testing and threat detection, meeting continuous monitoring requirements across frameworks. 

Continuous Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premises monitoring

Our team provides ongoing, continuous monitoring for all data, whether it is on-premises data, data in the cloud through solutions including AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, or a hybrid of both. 

Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (VMaaS)

Quzara's vulnerability management as a service (VMaaS) provides continuous scanning, analysis, prioritization and reporting across infrastructure and applications. 

Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

Our SOCaaS solution, Cybertorch, is a subscription based service that provides organizations with threat detection and response.

Operation Technology (OT) Threat monitoring

The Quzara Cybertorch™ platform unifies OT and IT signals to provide a single point of visibility for organizations using operational technology.   

FedRAMP, CMMC and DoD Vulnerability POA&M Support

Utilizing the framework and approach your company needs, we streamline compliance efforts with POA&M support. 

Continuous Monitoring Custom Reporting & Dashboards

With Quzara, you can receive alerts and customized dashboards that provide continuous visibility into your infrastructure, applications, and network. 

Microsoft Security & Compliance

Deploy advanced security orchestration & automation (SOAR) capabilities to customer environments to meet incident response, leveraging the capabilities of Sentinel and Microsoft security products. 

Inherit Security Controls

Quzara provides predefined security controls that are easily inherited into already existing security infrastructure resulting in easy implementation and immediate use.


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What Makes Quzara Different?

Quzara offers FedRAMP High Ready SOCaaS to Government, State, and Local Agencies. For incident response and vulnerability management, we help DoD DIB contractors comply with ITAR, CONUS, CMMC, and FedRAMP requirements. Our data is geo-restricted and managed by a US-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC), which offers 24/7/365 managed extended detection and response services (MXDR).