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Accelerated Compliance & Compliance Engineering Services

Compliance engineering services purpose built to accelerate FedRAMP and DoD workloads

Quzara keeps businesses moving forward

Secured Success Starts Here

Success starts within the parameters of every company framework. Quzara ensures the safety of businesses by offering incident response, technical assessment, training, and advisory services that help defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance cybersecurity practice, controls, and protocols.

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What is Accelerated Compliance?

Many private and public industries, including the United States government, require that cloud security suppliers, managed service providers and on-premises systems adhere to compliance regulations under various security frameworks. In addition to everyday operations, this undertaking can be costly and time-consuming for organizations.  

Our Role

Quzara is one of the nation's top compliance and remediation companies, having consulted organizations on FedRAMP, FISMA, CMMC/NIST 800-171, ISO and SOC 2 for over a decade. Through our advisory services, we help organizations prepare for assessments, map controls, and implement security compliance configurations. Our compliance advisory and compliance engineering teams assist organizations with hands-on security architecture and configuration to meet their audit and compliance objectives. 


Trusted Partners

Our Solutions

Quzara offers cybersecurity and compliance readiness, testing and threat detection.

Diagnostic Assessment

Gap identification and remediation services to meet security control goals. 

Product Roadmaps
& Strategy

Offering solutions and roadmaps to help CSPs (Cloud Service Provider) achieve compliance objectives. 

Audit Testing

Monitoring the inventory of assets and gathering evidence required for audits. We also interface with audit teams on behalf of customers. 


Quzara has built industry leading documentation templates to aid in the documentation process for all cybersecurity compliance frameworks.  

Boundary & Architecture

Quzara provides organizations with system boundary architecture and data flow analysis. 

Continuous Monitoring

Cybertorch™, our FedRAMP HIGH Ready MXDR platform, allows organizations to inherit security controls and implement vulnerability management.


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What Makes Quzara Different

Established Compliance Leaders Quzara leads compliance and security assessment programs for several Fortune 100 companies. Quzara was the inaugural partner for the ATO on AWS program. Quzara powers the Microsoft CMMC acceleration program. Quzara’s FedRAMP advisory team has empowered dozens of organizations with preparing for their journeys. This includes support for Federal programs, gap assessments, and compliance roadmaps. Quzara Cybertorch™ is recognized as the only FedRAMP Ready at a HIGH level MXDR service. 
Accelerated Timelines Our clients rely on us to show them the well-traveled path of security architecture and implementation strategies to meet FedRAMP requirements. We provide trusted advisory services by offering guidance not only on technical issues but important business issues facing compliance such as time to market. Our teams are well-versed in various cloud security offerings and are ready to provide actionable guidance.  
Focus on Automation Automation technology empowers businesses to streamline compliance related workflows such as security documentation, risk assessments, audits, testing results, and corrective action. Quzara compliance advisory team members use governance, risk & compliance (GRC) tools and other automation solutions to accelerate implementation, evidence collection and documentation of controls.