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Penetration Testing

Quzara’s professional network includes a team of US cleared and authorized ethical hackers who have been intelligently trained to adhere to a strict code of ethics and offer penetration testing across a range of devices and parameters in order to bring awareness to an organization's gaps, vulnerabilities, and risks.

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Success starts within the parameters of every company framework. Quzara ensures the safety of businesses by offering incident response, technical assessment, training, and advisory services that help defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance cybersecurity practice, controls, and protocols.

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Penetration testing, often referred to as security testing or ethical hacking, involves testing, measuring, and improving the security measures of organizations' networks and systems by employing the same methods and techniques a hacker would apply. For many compliance certifications including FedRAMP and StateRAMP penetration testing is a mandatory requirement. 

Our Role

The Quzara team of experienced and trusted penetration testers assess systems and uncover vulnerabilities before a threat or bad actor can. We identify any holes or open exploits leading to unauthorized access to your organization's sensitive data and information, both internally and externally. 


Trusted Partners

  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Insider Threat Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

During an internal test, a tester has access to an application behind its security system to simulate an attack from a malicious insider with awareness by the organization they are targetingAll internal penetration testing is performed by the Quzara team onsite. 

External Penetration Testing

With external penetration testing, the Quzara staff work to discover gaps and vulnerabilities that may lead to adversarial attacks, while working from outside the organization they are assisting. This type of penetration testing removes stealth components and brings awareness and visibility to potential ongoing threats. 

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks target personal identification information (PII) in email messages or direct messages and give malicious actors access to victim's confidential information and/or employee credentials.  To prepare employees for real threats, Quzara's team simulates an attack from a malicious threat. 

Social Engineering

It is often said that when it comes to malicious attackers “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.” While in a malicious attack this may not seem a complicated issue for adversaries, it makes the job of a security intelligence analyst tricky. Quzara’s team of certified ethical hackers working together as a team of ‘red hat actors,’ will begin to hunt for any gates that may be open for access, whether it is through phishing email campaigns, or in person intel.  

Insider Threat Penetration Testing

Quzara's team functions as an adversary, bringing insight that most trustworthy businesses and organizations might overlook when managing day-to-day operations. We gather intel from every angle, inspect security parameters and access granted without consideration of their risk if acquired by an adversary, and identify any security parameters or access that have been missed. In the event of a potential threat, we work with our remediation team to alert your organization and advise you on the best course of action. 

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Penetration Testing Methodology

Quzara's pen testers collaborate with organizations to define objectives and to determine how and when penetration testing will be conducted. 
Quzara’s team of highly trained and ethical penetration testers will be briefed on the goals and objectives, and plan their methods of attack and testing, specifically identifying any routes they will take to unearth gaps and vulnerabilities. 
Quzara’s penetration testers will ‘attack’ the client; acting the way malicious actors would behave, looking for any security gaps, vulnerabilities, or risks that may exist. 
Live Review & Remediation
As attacks are performed, Quzara’s dedicated team analyst will inform your organization of any vulnerabilities or gaps we discover, and should the organization decide, the best path for patching and/or modification. 
At the conclusion of the penetration test, Quzara will report back to organizations what they discovered, how they came to find any gaps or vulnerabilities, and what recommendations they suggest moving forward to harden the security environment. 
Blue Team Services

Our blue team training allows an organizations in-house staff the opportunity to "learn on the job" while Quzara's ethical hackers attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and find gaps. Our training concludes with an analysis of what gaps have yet to be discovered or fixed by internal teams and how to remediate them.