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Cloud Security Posture Management

Quzara helps organizations to reduce risks and eliminate breaches by securing their cloud security posture management.

Quzara keeps businesses moving forward

Secured Success Starts Here

Success starts within the parameters of every company framework. Quzara ensures the safety of businesses by offering incident response, technical assessment, training, and advisory services that help defend against advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance cybersecurity practice, controls, and protocols.

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Cloud security posture management (CSPM) automates the identification and remediation of risks across cloud infrastructures. CPSM can be used for risk visualization and assessment, incident response and compliance monitoring and can apply best practices for cloud security to hybrid, multi-cloud, and container environments. By automating the discovery of changes in the environment and evaluating the risk continuously, it provides awareness of essential alerts.  

Our Role

Quzara’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) security operations team provides visibility across environments and continuously scans for instances when misconfigurations or incorrect settings make cloud systems vulnerable to exploitation. In addition to offering CI/CD pipelines and ticketing systems, Quzara supports multi-cloud providers and enables automatic remediation. To prevent data breaches caused by misconfiguration, Quzara secures customers' IaaS services (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), as well as SaaS applications.


Trusted Partners

  • Misconfiguration Scanning and Remediation
  • Security Governance and Compliance
  • Continuous Threat Detection

Misconfiguration Scanning and Remediation

We identify cloud misconfigurations at the security policy and cloud resource levels by comparing discovered configurations against built-in policies. We also map compliance policies to compliance frameworks, providing visualization via intuitive dashboards and reports. Depending on the severity of a policy violation, we provide remediation steps or AI driven remediation. 

Security Governance and Compliance

For organizations that must meet multiple compliance standards, Quzara's cloud governance features include compliance monitoring, risk-based triage of security posture, policy management, and private benchmark settings. 

Continuous Threat Detection

Quzara’s CSPM continuously monitors cloud environments for suspicious or unauthorized activity with real-time threat detection. Our targeted threat detection and remediation approach focuses on the most exploited areas, prioritizing vulnerabilities where they are most critical. 


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What Makes Quzara Different

Alert Fatigue Reduction As part of our CSPM services, we automatically remediate violations and alert you to only the most critical vulnerabilities and threats. 
Analytical Mitigation By assessing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, we prioritize mitigation efforts across all infrastructures. 
Continuous Monitoring We continually monitor and assess cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments for threats and vulnerabilities. Our system automation detects and prevents misconfigurations, making corrective measures faster to implement.