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Accelerate Your FedRAMP Revision 5 Implementation

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Transition to FedRAMP Revision 5 with Quzara's Expert Guidance

Looking to upgrade your FedRAMP package to Revision 5? Quzara LLC has got you covered!

Our team of experts at Quzara specializes in facilitating organizations' seamless transition to meet the latest requirements while prioritizing IT compliance and security.

With our assistance, you can bid farewell to outdated packages and embrace a streamlined upgrade process. Whether you need support in planning your next steps, updating a current project plan, conducting a Rev. 4 to Rev. 5 transition gap assessment, or any other task related to FedRAMP Project or transition assistance, Quzara is equipped to provide the necessary guidance and expertise.

Trust us to ensure a smooth and successful transition that aligns with your organization's goals and objectives.

FedRAMP Rev 4 to Rev 5

Compliance Roadmap

The roadmap below highlights the intended paths for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who have current FedRAMP ATO Packages, are in-process, or attaining new authorizations.

This is a Federal Civilian focused slide based on guidance from with General Services Administration (GSA) FedRAMP PMO.

The focus of the roadmap is to provide general guidance based on what is known as of June 2023. It is intended to use for planning purposes only and will be updated as new information is released over time.

All CSPs with an assessment date after 1/2/24 will be required to utilize Rev. 5 templates and documentation resources as Rev. 4 will not be permitted during an assessment and may result in failure during the authorization process.

The PMO recommends reaching out, planning, and validating all plans and timelines with a CSP’s Agency AO or authorizing body.

CSPs in Planning Currently does not possess a FedRAMP Authorization for an application/platform on the FedRAMP Marketplace. Implement new Rev. 5 baseline and use newly released FedRAMP documentation templates. CSPs will test all new Rev. 5 controls with an accredited 3PAO prior to submitting their package for authorization.
CSPs in Initiation Currently prioritized by the JAB and are currently under contracts with a 3PAO. CSPs that have partnered with a federal agency and are currently under contracts with a 3PAO, undergoing a 3PAO assessment, or have submitted a package for agency review prior to May 30, 2023. Complete ATO or JAB P-ATO using Rev. 4 baseline and templates. By September 1, 2023, identify the delta between current Rev. 4 implementations and Rev. 5 requirements.
CSPs in Continuous Monitoring Existing Packages based on NIST 800-53 Rev. 4, authorized at all levels (Low, Moderate, High) By September 1, 2023, identify the delta between current Rev. 4 implementations and Rev. 5 requirements and complete the transition plan including development and testing schedule. By October 2, 2023, update all curated transition plans based on leveraged CSP information (e.g., shared controls).

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