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Quzara LLCApr 26, 20242 min read

Cybersecurity in the DIB: Threats, Solutions, and Compliance

On April 25, 2024, Carahsoft hosted a pivotal webinar titled "Navigating Cybersecurity in the Defense Industrial Base: Threats, Solutions, and Compliance."

This virtual gathering brought together prominent voices in the fields of cybersecurity and defense. With expertise from industry leaders at Quzara, Microsoft, and DOD DC3 Crime Center, attendees gained deep insights into the pressing cybersecurity issues confronting the defense industrial base.

The event, moderated by Saif Rahman of Quzara, delved into the intricate landscape of cybersecurity. Panelists dissected the challenges faced by the defense sector, offering invaluable perspectives and sharing practical strategies to enhance cybersecurity posture.

It was an enlightening session aimed at empowering participants with actionable knowledge and best practices.

Panel Discussion Overview:

The discussion benefited greatly from the insights of four distinguished panelists:

  • Terry Kalka, Director at the DOD DC3 Crime Center
  • Paul Navarro, Chief Architect at Microsoft Federal
  • Brian Tirch, Chief Security Architect at Microsoft Federal
  • Robert Metzger, Head of Washington Office at Roger Joseph O'Donnell

Detailed Insights and Q&A Highlights:

  1. Effective Partnerships for Enhanced Security: The panelists discussed best practices for fostering collaborations between government and private sectors to bolster security and compliance in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). They emphasized the importance of transparency, shared responsibilities, and strategic alignments.
  2. Addressing Sophisticated Cyber Threats: Terry Kalka described the sophisticated cyber threats currently targeting the DIB, with a focus on DC3’s strategies for prioritizing responses. The conversation highlighted how critical proactive threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities are in this sector.
  3. Robust Vulnerability Management: The importance of establishing robust vulnerability management practices was a key topic. Terry Kalka shared how DC3 supports DIB entities in preemptively addressing potential threats, underscoring the need for continuous monitoring and updating of security practices.
  4. Lessons from Recent Cyber Incidents: With Microsoft and other companies experiencing attacks, Paul Navarro and Brian Tirch discussed lessons learned and how security architectures need to be enhanced. They covered strategic changes necessary to protect against sophisticated threats and the integration of advanced security technologies.
  5. Legal Actions and Repercussions Post-Breach: Robert Metzger provided insights into the immediate legal actions that DIB contractors must undertake after detecting a sophisticated cyber breach. He also discussed the repercussions under DFARS and NIST SP 800-171 compliance frameworks, highlighting the legal stakes involved.
  6. IoT Security Protocols: The conversation turned to the specific security protocols recommended for protecting IoT devices within the DIB's operational technology environments. Panelists shared strategies for defending against IoT-targeted botnet attacks.
  7. Adjusting to CMMC 2.0 Updates: With the CMMC 2.0 updates, the panel discussed how DIB entities should adjust their vulnerability management strategies, particularly focusing on continuous monitoring and effective incident response.
  8. The Role of Threat Intelligence: The role of Threat Intelligence and information sharing within national security was explored, with insights into how Microsoft integrates threat intelligence and hunting practices into its security solutions for the DIB sector.


The webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of cybersecurity within the Defense Industrial Base, offering crucial strategies for enhancing security measures and ensuring compliance. The dialogue not only spotlighted emerging threats but also reinforced the continuous need for collaboration and innovation within the industry.

For those interested in revisiting the discussion or sharing it with colleagues, you can access a recording of the webinar by clicking on the button below.

Watch the Webinar

Navigating Cybersecurity in the Defense Industrial Base: Threats, Solutions, and Compliance. image